Directions to 126 Quarry Road

You can use MapPoint or MapQuest to find 126 Quarry Road, Acton, MA 01720-5817, but they both seem to have an old, truncated version of Quarry Road. All they are really good for is getting to the correct general area.

So, use one of those services, or plain old paper maps, to get to Acton and the corner of
Route 2A (also known as Route 119 and Great Road) and
Route 27 (also known as Main Street).

1. Starting at that intersection, proceed North on Route 27 for 3/4 of a mile.
2. That will bring you to Quarry Road on the left.
3. Turn onto Quarry Road and follow it for 1/2 of a mile.
4. Then, just after passing some playing fields and parking on your right, Quarry Road will turn into a packed gravel road. Keep going another 4/10 of a mile.
5. You will be turning left, but do not turn into the small road/path that is between granite posts. That is the Town Forrest walking path. Besides, you have not gone the full 4/10 of a mile yet.
6. At 4/10 of a mile, you will see a sign saying "Do Not Block Driveway." You bear left onto the small shared gravel driveway.
7. Go 1/10 of a mile on the shared driveway.
8. At about 1/10 of a mile, the shared driveway opens up and you turn sharply left. Do not go slightly right, which might look like straight ahead, as that is our neighbor's driveway. Just remember to turn sharply left when the shared driveway opens up at about 1/10 of a mile.
9. Go through our gate. You will see 126 on the right-hand gate post.
10. Go one more 1/10 of a mile on our driveway: down by a small pond, up again.
11. You are there!

A shorter version:

1. Go 3/4 mile North from 2A/27 to Quarry Road.
2. Go 1/2 mile on paved Quarry Road.
3. Go a further 4/10 mile on gravel Quarry Road.
4. Bear left and go 1/10 mile on gravel shared driveway.
5. Turn sharply left and go 1/10 mile on gravel driveway.

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